Dr .K. Anil Kumar M. Pharm, Ph.D..,


Principal Desk

It is our utmost pleasure and privilege to share a few things about the principal and the institute. Dr.K.Anil Kumar, M.Pharm., Ph.D., is the professor and principal of the college .He has obtained his B.Pharm, M.Pharm and P.D degrees with FIRST CLASS from Andhra University Visakhapatnam,A.P. He has been serving in field of teaching for the past 28 years. He has published more than 30 original research articles in various reputed national and international level journals. He has also refereed for one international and national level journals. He Guided 60 B.Pharm& 35 M.pharm Students.. He is life member in Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India.




Welcome to the NRK & KSR Gupta college of Pharmacy. It is my honor to serve as Principal for this wonderful institution and the collection of Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching staff, academic studentsthat make up the NKGP family. I request you to explore the website and learn more about the college and our multiple imperative missions in research, teaching, service, outreach, and practice. You will find a stunning array of faculty expertise, research in B. Pharmacy programs of enormous impact and all built on a tradition of excellence. That tradition is very long indeed. We continue to build on those "firsts" with innovation, inspiration, and a true sense of discovery, all aimed, in one way or another, at educating the health and life of the people of Andhra Pradesh and beyond, reflecting our institutional vision and mission.

I bring to the chair, 23 years of teaching and research experience My experience includes research guidance, adjudicating and evaluating, chairing sessions in National conferences, organizing National seminars, workshops, conferences and training programmes to pharmacy faculty and students. I have enriched my abilities which are essential for acting as the Principal of such a reputed institute.